Methodical Coffee - Guatemala, Finca Medina

Methodical Coffee - Guatemala, Finca Medina

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  • 12 ounce- whole bean
  • We taste: Tangerine, Cocoa, Berries
  • Process: Natural
  • Region: Antigua
  • Varietal: Bourbon & Marsellesa
  • Elevation: 1,600 masl

Finca Medina boasts the soft suggestion of fruit that natural processing yields, and the natural resiny sweetness that is characteristic of the origin. This coffee is set apart from many among our Central American offerings, thanks to the natural processing and to the complexity that it introduces to the cup. This isn't the first time we've featured this coffee, and we don't expect it to be the last.

Where is it from?

Nestled among three volcanoes, the city of Antigua’s fertile soil and high altitudes makes it a prime location for producers like Finca Medina. The farm has been producing specialty coffee since 1842, and has grown to have two estates - one named after the organization itself and the other called Anexo Portal. Both farms utilize cutting edge processing technology, contributing to each coffee’s consistency and quality. This naturally-processed Guatemalan coffee includes cherries from the original Finca Medina estate plus Anexo Portal. After separating the floating cherries, the coffees are dried on raised African beds, which are closed off each day for two hours to ensure a slow maturation process - typically between 28 and 30 days. The superb growing conditions and allowance of time for processing created a deep sweetness and a complex flavor experience in the natural Finca Medina.