Here are our current brands and their stories!

Nath Soap Co.-

Nataly is the owner and Master Artisan at Nath Soap Company LLC. Nath’s soaps are handmade in small batches from scratch using the cold process method in their studio in Wallingford CT. Formulated with high quality responsibly sourced oils and butters for a gentle, cleansing and conditioning bar, using only Phthalate free fragrances.

Nath Soap Company was born out of Nataly’s desire to provide her family with the most natural and gentle soap available that would meet their needs. She states, “I started making bath and body products (lotion bars, body butters, soap) for myself and my family 5 years ago, mainly because I was trying to use as many natural ingredients as I could as well as knowing exactly what I was putting on our bodies. There’s an abundance of toxic ingredients out there in everything and I feel that in making consistent small changes around our homes, we can live a much cleaner lifestyle, all while helping protect the planet we live on”.

Home Brewed Soap

Home Brewed Soaps was born out of a love for all things natural and living more simply. “What started out as a side hobby and an extra income to support my daughter and I has turned into a full time growing business that has made it possible for me to be there for my daughter and to be flexible, while doing what I love! We appreciate your support and love for Home Brewed Soaps”!

Their mission is to share and provide you with natural handmade products that are safe for you, your skin and the planet. Their products are Cruelty-Free, Palm-Free, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable. Their packaging is recyclable and our products leave behind zero waste!

 Their homemade soap line is made with all things brewed. Beer. Coffee. Tea. They formulate their soaps with sustainable plant based oils, all natural ingredients, 100% natural colorants, organic spices and essential oils.


Hidden Forest Naturals

April founded Hidden Forest Naturals to offer sustainable, life giving products to the community looking for something more than a pretty face, and a perfect package. She believes offering in deep gratitude for the soil, plants, and the natural resources that give us a healthy life.

April shares her extensive background in sustainability, health and wellness, skin therapy and botanicals, combining them together to create a collection of the most effective and sustainable skin care, makes up, wellness and zero waste products that she personally loves. If she could change one thing about human consumption it would be removing every bit of plastic from ALL packaging.

She is currently manifesting a slow heirloom flower farm to grow Hidden Forest Skin Care's botanical ingredients. 


Crescent City Bath Bomb Studio 

The maker behind Crescent City is Mary Samuels Crochet. Mary states that she “started Crescent City Swoon to share and create beautiful everyday gems that make people happy”.

Mary goes on to say, “For a longtime I was a single parent and worked lots of jobs to make ends meet, eventually I found a 9-5 job and felt so grateful for the steady paycheck. For a time that worked. I met and married my wonderful husband and we settled in. However, I was miserable not creating things and making everyone around me miserable too.I talked about pursuing skin care and designing what I call ‘functional art’ but never really did anything about it. One day, my daughter got sick of the complaints and said, “Stop talking and do it!’. So I stop talking about it, quit my job and proclaimed that I was opening a soap shop. As I was studying to become an esthetician, I made lots of bath bombs, soap bars and candles. I found that not only is it ‘my thing’ but I can make it pretty too! Using oils, butters, sea salts and other natural ingredients I can make something beautiful, fun and functional that enhances our everyday experiences”.


Local Lather Laboratory & Soap Shop 

Local Lather Sopa Shop prides themselves on producing thoughtfully made, responsibly sourced, delicious bath & body goods using sustainably sourced raw goods. Good for your body, and good for the planet. 

Local Lather started making soaps in 2011 and states that they have never looked back.  One of the neat features is that they include the tune they listened to for each batch of their soap or other additional products.

Their soaps are also paraben free, petroleum free, and never tested on animals. They are also environmentally conscious and provide containers that are refillable in their brick-and-mortar shop.


Naked Bar Soap Co.-

Naked Bar Soap Co. showcases the sensual side of natural beauty by creating gorgeous artisan soaps and lovely handcrafted bath and body products.

The term “NAKED” means undisguised, blatant, and devoid of concealment.

Simply put their soaps are made with a handful of naturally, gorgeous ingredients such as olive oil and coconut oil combined with dollops of creamy shea butter, rich cocoa butter, and other rich and exotic plant butters. Their products are scented mainly with essential oils, a few natural fragrance/essential oils blends, and use natural herbs, florals, and spices for lovely colors.

Natasha Byrd-Gaylon and Jennifer Peets  partnered up and launched Naked Bar Soap Co. in 2013. Through their Black Latina (Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic) roots they shared a cultural bond as well as a love for all thing’s natural beauty and skincare. It was their goal to create a brand of natural beauty products reflecting a bit of my subtle sexiness as well as their own bold tongue in cheek personality.

They state, “We believe great things come in small batches. Crafting soap is therapeutic and holistic both at the same time. A love for what we do is shown in all of our creations”.



The Immaculate Beard is a line of handmade men's grooming supplies made in Dallas, Texas.  It includes beard balm, beard oil, beard shampoo, and shaving supplies.  It was created by Sasha Kirkpatrick of Sasha's Hand Poured Bath and Body, after many requests from family and friends who had a need for beard grooming products and just couldn't find what they were looking for. 

 Knowing that necessity is the mother of invention, Sasha got to experimenting and started handing out samples for feedback to anyone who had a beard or a desire to have one.  After overwhelmingly positive responses, she formulated a line of products using locally sourced ingredients and packaging, and eventually hired a local branding firm to make sure the outside packaging and branding reflected the quality of the product inside. The Immaculate Beard was born.


Sasha insisted on choosing ingredients carefully, so that products would be sustainable for the long term without causing damage to the environment.  No extra rare ingredients, no fillers, no parabens or phthalates, no claims to grow your beard overnight.  Just quality ingredients packed into a small tin or bottle. Luxury products at an affordable price.


Several years in, and all of products are still handmade in small batches. They keep great records of all of batches, so they know each ingredient, its source, and what date the batch was made & packaged.  It is all made in Dallas, Texas, in their lab connected to-but separate from-their home.  


Vana Tisanes

Founded in a small coastal town of Cambria, CA, Vana Tisanes was started by Mike Coulson and Miho Watanabe. Together they craft tisanes in small batches, using organic ingredients and always with consumers quality of life in mind. Their sole goal is to share the love that they have for the magnificent power of plants.

 All of their sourced ingredients are certified organic, while the packaging they use is made out of 100% compostable material. When in search for the purest form of flavors and health properties, they only choose the highest quality of dried plants from around the world.  With respect for our planet, every one of their business decisions is also made with sustainability in mind.


In 2013, after making (and then quickly selling) nearly everything for her wedding, Shannon decided to follow the breadcrumbs that the universe was leaving for her, and AllyBeth Design Co was born.

She initially sold handmade signs, banners, paper craft items and other accessories, but it wasn't until 2016 when she really narrowed down her focus and became the brand that you see here today.

Shannon states, “To be real vulnerable with you, this shop over the last 4 years has supported me through countless battles, including an ongoing anxiety disorder and the heartbreaking season of infertility. It is because of this journey that I've become so passionate about the power of reaching out. Sometimes, we don't know what to do or say, or how to support others, but that doesn't mean that support isn't needed”.

She goes on to say, “Quality, nourishing, uplifting products are so truly near and dear to my heart. I would love nothing more than to make it easier for you to lift up others in your lives, when you feel like giving a gift might help. At the end of the day, we are all walking our own paths, and sometimes, just knowing that someone else is out there rooting for us can make all of the difference. It helps us all feel just a little more connected”.

Pretty Simple

Back in 2014,  Leah states, “I was home recovering from a bilateral mastectomy when Pretty Simple was born. I knew that God was calling me to be home, to be more available for my husband and children, and cancer is just what I needed to give me the courage to make the leap. You see, I am a nurse by trade. I knew nothing about opening a boutique or starting my own brand. But when your WHY is fierce, you figure things out. And that is exactly what I did! With a lot of help from Google, friends, and by the grace of God, Pretty Simple took off faster than I could have dreamed”.

Leah goes on to say, “In hindsight, I believe it was in part because 2 years later, my 10 year old daughter would be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. We felt as though our world had been shaken yet again with a medical diagnosis. Except this time, there was no cure. And it was my daughter, not me. As a parent, there is nothing more heart wrenching than to watch your child struggle, and not be able to make the hurt go away”.

Pretty Simple donates a portion of all Pretty Simple proceeds and every penny possible from the sale of their CURE mittens to the type 1 community. Their goal is to raise 1 million dollars.

Ash & Clay

Ashley states, "I’ve been a lover of arts and crafts my entire life. I remember my Mom *dragging* me to craft fairs in the Smokey Mountains and introducing me to the one-stroke painting techniques of the 90s. I loved making things with my hands. I lost my Mom in high school, and in some ways, I lost the creative side of me too…until now. I’ve found my love for making beautiful things again and sharing that with my customers. I believe so many beautiful things are made from Ash + Clay; the parts of our story that have been the most tragic, can be made new again".

Ash + Clay is based in Nashville where Ashley lives with my husband and her rambunctious toddler, Deacon.



Methodical Coffee

Bare Candle

Funny Candle Co.