About Us

Fly Avi Fly was founded in the wake of a tragedy. In August of 2015 I gave birth to my precious daughter -Avianna Elizabeth. After multiple miscarriages over the course of five years, my daughter arrived. I call her my miracle baby. I was responsible for a far larger task than ever before in my life. Fast forward two months later as I grieved the loss of my child. I was once again responsible for a far larger task than ever before- surviving.

On October 20th of 2015 I lost my daughter. The professionals were reluctant to call it SIDS- yet there is not other real explanation- aside for the potential for hyperthermia (which also was never confirmed). Regardless of the reasons for her departure from this world, life was one big hurdle. Most days I could not pull myself out of bed let alone complete typical daily activities. There are still many days when I close my eyes really tight and think that when I open them she might be right there beside me. 

One of the hardest things I experienced after her passing was running into pregnant women, and running beyond the baby/children sections of department stores. I would shut down, break down, and at times become angry and confrontational. I knew I needed to do something to channel my grief. So here we are.

Fly Avi Fly was born approximately two years following the death of my daughter. Initially I created items as a way to channel my grief with therapeutic tasks. More people started asking and I recognized this could be a way to educate people about child loss, and grief while also donating part of the proceeds to infant loss organizations. 

Part of all proceeds are donated to different infant loss organizations throughout the year. Furthermore, almost all of our profits from our signature items (infant loss headbands and feather themed bows) are donated. Some of these organizations provide research while others provide support, literature, counseling services, etc to families who have lost a child. 

Please join us in our efforts to support these families and keep their children's legacies alive!

Much Love,